Ahmed Tarek Android Engineer at Instabug


Instabug SDK

RichPath & RichPathAnimator (android library)2017

Animated-Icons (android library)2016


Green Cities Forum 2016

  • It is a demo app with fake data, it is open source and I am proud with this level of coding and I hope to get higher level soon.
    Source Code on Github

Egypt CSR Forum 2016 2016

  • Is an annual event held with the purpose of unifying the efforts of the private sector and civil society organizations that have a goal to achieve in a specific time. See agenda, speakers, sponsors, map and chat with attendee.
    On Google Play

La Oferta 2015

  • Better shopping experience. Alertes for special offers and more.
    On Google Play

Photo Discovery 2015

  • Open source photo gallery app, enter your keyword(s) to get a lot of awesome photos.
    Source Code on Github

Al Borsa News 2015

  • Independent news provider for Egypt and the wider MENA region, latest changes in the Egyptian stock, gallery news of pictures and videos, notification with the latest news.
    On Google Play

Orod Ismalawy 2014

  • 'Orod' is an arabic word mean offers and 'Ismalawy' is the city where I was live, so if you have a shop, you can make offers on it, Orood Ismalawy was my own product but I unpublished it for business reasons.

XO Game Bluetooth 2013

  • Tic Tac Toe 9×9 cells, you can play against your friend in the same screen or everyone can play using his device and connect via bluetooth.
    On Google Play


Bachelor of Science, Suez Canal University

I graduated from faculty of science, chemistry department but I has decision to work as programmer not as chemist so I started my career with self studying.


I used to learn depending on my self so in 2007 I read some books in different programming languages but without any real practice, just I learned what is a programming language.

In 2013 I decided to be android developer.

Technologies with no end

I love to develop android in MVP, dependency injection, reactive programming and more.